Leeds LaughterFEST

Celebrating each aspect of Comedy

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Leeds LaughterFEST’s soul main purpose is to connect people by instilling warm joy at fun unforgettable occasions, providing a positive community spirit feel, creating a vibrant atmosphere for all present at its events!

Our objective is to get Leeds residents and its visitors regardless of sex, race or gender discovering various forms of comedy and experiencing them at iconic and cool venues throughout this fine city, engaging them with live performances and enjoying legendary memorable moments: Leeds LaughterFEST – Love Live Laughter

The ethos of LLF is to showcase the different strands of comedy and celebrate them individually in their own right. So over the ten days each event is dedicated to acknowledging a particular style, ranging from Stand Up to Big Screen and everything in between.

A varied selection has been lovingly assembled so that we can cater a mix of events suitable for adults alongside ones specific for families of all ages.

The scope and potential LLF has is unparalleled and our main focus for this project is to create, unite and delight a comedy community in Leeds capturing its imagination & having Leeds LaughterFEST as the main Mecca in the comedy calendar for the city.

Leeds LaughterFEST –

The Story So Far…

Started by one local West Yorkshire lads vision to put comedy firmly in the Leeds limelight with an interesting innovative format, Ben set out to champion up and coming talent and place them alongside ‘the next big thing’ within their field to be able to draw inspiration and advice from.

As he puts it “Comedy appeals to all ages and all walks of life. It doesn’t isolate – it integrates! It’s amazing the boundaries that humour can overcome and connection it can create.”

Ben recalls how a wise man once shared that “humour is our sixth sense” and this is certainly something that is at the forefront of the process as he curates Leeds LaughterFEST.

Ben continues “Leeds is such a superb city with so much potential that I feel this can really add a high quality event to its illustrious annual event calendar. You’ll be hard pressed to find another one of its kind with the same or similar ethos as to celebrating every night to one unique and original strand of comedy.”

Leeds is a premier city not just of England but of Europe and to offer something like this adds a light of culture to the cities already wonderful reputation. I will always endeavour to feature local acts on the bill of Leeds LaughterFEST and also create the environment and opportunity for local talent to have the chance to be seen collectively by a larger audience and industry people.”

He concludes by saying “I love this city! I really wanna add my heart and soul into making this 
event something that this city can stand up and be proud of for this year and 
many many more to follow.
I would really love this to capture the imagination and take off!”

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