Kaleidoscope Project

Kaleidoscope Project:

‘After Work Play’

Every month employees across the city look to book some form of event for its staff that is geared towards team bonding, unwinding & socialising away from the pressures of the office/work environment. To the person tasked with this it can prove an extra burden and painstaking task to look too constantly find fresh new concepts and ideas which will interest and prove popular with the rest of the employees.

So how does Kaleidoscope Project step in to help solve this?

With over 15 years in the event industry across Europe we have our ear to the ground and finger on the pulse when it comes to what’s hot, new and worthwhile within the event calender in Leeds.

Be it getting you the best reserved seats at the most sort after venues and events across the city or booking you your very own exclusive tailored entertainment package, we can cater for every taste!

What can Kaleidoscope Project offer in delivering a stellar event..??

Kaleidoscope Project has access to all the prime locations within Leeds. Be it Headrow House to Hyde Park Picture House, we have built up an affinity, rapport and more importantly trust with the best establishments across the city to be in the position to be the only ones out there who can offer such a wide scope of varied options.

What this allows us to do is speak with a potential client and get an idea of number of size for a booking and then offer too them options of venues that are best equipped and suited based upon this. Our extensive knowledge and background in the entertainment realm also gives us the capacity to reach out to put on events such as:

* Stand Up Comedians (of all styles and genres)

* Musicians and Bands (of all styles and genres)

* Magicians and Mind & Memory-Based Performers (of all styles and genres)

* Cocktail Workshops

* Tasting sessions

* Meal Nights

* Mystery Escape Puzzle Games

* Film Screenings

* DJ

* Karaoke

* Quizzes with Quiz Masters (Both general knowledge and specialist)

* Killer Pool

* Mini Golf

* Bowling

* PLUS Plenty more…

(We are also able to offer the potential to do joint events with other companies / organisations if you prefer)

How Kaleidoscope Project go about arranging the ideal package for its customers:

To relieve the hassle from your side what we would do is ask you to fill out a brief questionnaire which you can detail your office’s general interest and preferences when it comes to events, or if you prefer we can come into your office for a consultation and fill this out with you – which ever option works best to fully cater and pull out all the stops to meet your specific favoured requirements we will happily oblige with.

Once we have this we will be able to present to you a calendar of events together with dates, price and any extremely exclusive offers we’ve arranged just for you as only we can.

We will work happily with and around budgets and also look to provide a varied selection for you month to month.

From here all you need to do is simply save the date, plan your outfit and prepare for a spectacular time – it’s really this straight forward!

Allow us to utilise what we specialise in so you can indulge in unique unforgettable experiences every single time” Kaleidoscope Project – After Work Play

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