Leeds LaughterFEST Showcase: Sounds Well Sketch!Eeee {Thu 8th Oct ’15}

Sounds Well Sketch!Eeee Presents Cassetteboy vs DJ Rubbish Comedy Disco

Howdo Everyone

Leeds LaughterFEST with sincere regret and apologies would like to inform all that our event this Thursday 8th Oct ’15 featuring Cassetteboy at Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen is now cancelled.

LLF have taken the decision to postpone this due to unpreventable behind the scenes issues which unfortunately, despite every attempt on all sides, could not be resolved in time to make this event go ahead.

We would also like to sternly state that this is at all no fault on the part of the artist Cassetteboy or their representatives, nor the venue Belgrave.

LLF has been planned for the past 12 months piecing together an itinerary that showcases all elements of comedy in it’s finest form. The fact that we had managed to secure Cassetteboy to headline our musical comedy and sketch night was and is a great privilege and honour and we are genuinely gutted from a festival stand point, and as true fans of their work, that this Thursday is no longer to take place.

We would like to apologise also to anyone who has been inconvenienced by this occurrence.

Full refunds for tickets purchased will of course be honoured and refunded.

Finally, we would like to say that we will strive to bring Cassetteboy to Leeds in the near future so please do watch this space and keep afloat with all out future gig bookings and information at www.comedycultclassics.com/events

Leeds LaughterFEST team


FB: www.facebook.com/LeedsLaughterFest

PAUL FOOT Tuesday 6th October 2015

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