Leeds LaughterFEST Showcase: BettaKultcha {Mon 5th Oct ’15}


Mon 5th Oct – 7pm til 10pm @ Corn Exchange = £10 (+BF) tkt / MOTD


BettaKulthca has forged its brand as a forward thinking dynamic way of live presentation meets performance.

With them collaborating with LLF this theme will of course be based on comedy!

Its format is simple – 15 seconds per slide which works out to 20 within the allotted 5 minutes. With those been the main guidelines the rest is up to the 12 speakers to then utilise this to offer an informative and interesting set!

So, allow yourself to be transported on a journey into the minds of those speaking in an idyllic setting as they wow, tantalise, tease, excite and take your breath away with this must see occasion!

Speaker List:

  1. Lee Jackson
  2. Wendy Denman
  3. Howard Walker
  4. Chris Ingold
  5. Noel Curry
  6. Lawrence Alexander
  7. Kate Fox
  8. James Christopher
  9. Peter Bazely
  10. Malli
  11. Damian Sharp
  12. Bryony Jameson



FB: www.facebook.com/LeedsLaughterFest

PAUL FOOT Tuesday 6th October 2015

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